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One Person.  One Post.  3,000 people touched.

Dallas greenscreen photography and social mediaDallas Convention Photographers is passionate about social media.  Our own business grows from meeting clients on our web sites, from shaking their hands on Facebook.  Thousands from all over the world read our blog.  Others follow our photography adventures on Twitter.  Or Google.  Or Instagram.  Or LinkedIn.

What does it all mean?  How can you be sure your marketing on social media is effective?




It all starts with great photos.

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Photos participants want to post to social media.  Photos they are excited about. Photos where those participants become your brand ambassadors.  Your participants.  Our photos.  Their passion for your brand as they post to social media.



One post? 3,000 impressions.


Next is a great platform.Dallas greenscreen photographers 2


Great photos are only part of the answer: easy posting to social media is next.  Like our Dallas green screen photography booth experiences, we tailor how photos are posted to best fit your needs.  In some cases, that might be live participant posting to participant's individual social media accounts: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SMS text messages and email.  In other cases, a platform that posts to a full HTML, client branded email and links to a fully branded PURL or microsite fits your needs.  In still other cases – a hybrid, posting to certain social platforms from the event floor, and other platforms from the HTML email.

We’ll help you figure out what’s best for your event.  For your participant.  For your needs.  And we’ll tailor our platform to fit.


Last: real time tracking of posts

Dallas-greenscreen-photography-1With great photos and a great platform follows high posts to social media.  But it’s one thing to say, “oh, lots of people post”, and it’s another thing to quantify and analyze those posts after the event conclusion.  We’ll provide you with a final report – our exclusive After Action Report – which details and analyzes social media spread from your event.  No guess work.  Real numbers.  If your event travels to different cities, we’ll even compare how each photo event performed against each other.  Or, if your event happens annually, we’ll compare one year’s performance to the next.  Of course, you’ll also receive a CSV file of participant emails.


Dallas-greenscreen-photography-6 Dallas-greenscreen-photography-social-media-upload


(Above: HTML branded email links to branded micro-site for participant upload to social media.)